How to use this site?
Just think, I smiled at someone today. They smiled back. For some reason, whether Social or Business, you didn't get the opportunity to speak or you spoke briefly. What was the Location? the Date? the Time?
Go to, and perform a SEARCH by Location, Date and Time, noting you can broaden your search by leaving the Date and Time boxes empty. If nothing comes up it means the other person has yet to place a message. Go ahead and Place Message. Your Message will be viewed by those searching in that location
How will the other person know I have posted?
The answer is the same way you discovered this site. We are growing in size and popularity and this isfast becoming the popular way to obtain missed contact details.
What if I find the person searched for?
On recognising a message you can make sure you have the right person by asking questions. For example, you could ask for a description of where you saw each other, request they post a picture, etc. You can also post pictures on your account. When you are happy you've found the right person press on the Get Number button to exchange Contact Details.
You are the only person able to release your personal details. To protect both parties' details we ensure that when a person requests the contact details of another, a Message is sent to that person asking them to confirm whether they are happy to release their details. The recipient can accept or reject the request, or ask questions of the requestor
What if I do not find the person searched for?
The options available are to broaden your search which can be done by leaving both the Date and Time search fields empty. If the person you are looking for is still not available, place a free message yourself and come back later to pick up message responses.
More information can be obtained from the Help page.
News and Stories
27 Reasons Why You Should Date a British Man

 1. Everything sounds better in an English accent.

2. Or a Scottish, Northern Irish, or Welsh one.

3. Or any of the hundreds of regional dialects that make up the "British" accent.  

4. British men have no problem saying sorry. In fact, they use it like punctuation.

5. He understands the solution to most problems begins with a cup of tea.

6. You will never run out of things to talk about, because there's always the weather. 

7. He will never say no to wearing a costume, no matter how embarrassing.

8. You can go to the pub any time, and you don't have to order food to legitimise the decision.

9. Because there will always, always be time for a "quick drink." 

10. Even when he's angry, he'll express it in a polite, measured way. The first time, at least.

11. He will unwittingly do a number of old-fashioned, chivalrous things without thinking, like walking closest to the road to shield you from traffic.

12. He will somehow cook a steak better than you, even if the only other thing he can prepare is beans on toast. 

13. When presented with a barbecue, he will become strangely Australian.

14. He is able to pull off tails or morning dress and look dapper, not like an idiot.

15. His no-nonsense approach to male grooming means you'll never have to worry about his appearance.

16. You always get Saturday afternoons to yourself (unless you support the same football team 

as him).

17. There's a tiny chance he might be related to royalty, or have a "country pile" in the family that you can escape to on bank holiday weekends.

18. When he's not being polite, he's being sarcastic, and sometimes that's even sexier. 

19. He'll hold your umbrella and give you his coat. But under no circumstances will he hold your handbag for more than 10 seconds. What if someone sees and thinks it's his?

20. He will tolerate a lot more than other men, because he simply "didn't want to cause a fuss".

21. He will pay for dinner.  

22. His teeth will be absolutely fine, because that myth is entirely untrue.

23. He knows how to tie a tie and put on cufflinks and, if you're very lucky, iron his own shirts.

24. He will instantly endear himself to all men in your life by calling them "mate" and buying them a pint. 

25. You'll never have to open a door for yourself again. At least not if he's been brought up properly.

26. His internal dictionary of swear words and the many uses he finds for them will astound you.

27. British men love to travel abroad, even if they usually need to be reminded to slather on the SPF 50 to avoid turning into a lobster.